Party Game

Kookyoo Party Game is a multiplayer game released on Android for free. It’s available on the Google Play Store :

Still in very early development the game feature a network connectivity using WiFi so y ou can host or join a game on your local network and use any android device as a controller.

How it works

You can simply hit Play from the main menu or decide to Host a multiplayer game using the button on the right.
You’ll get a lobby Id you need to share with your friends so they can join you using the field just under.
When connected you should be able to controller your little round character using virtual joysticks and buttons on each device. Just move to the game mode you want to play to start it.

Game modes

There is some game modes implemented right now but the game will feature many more mini-games that will come with the updates.

Privacy informations

There is absolutely no information recorded from the application and I do not collect nor use any data from the store.